TD Huntting
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These are the page images from Teunis Dimon Huntting's genealogy, The Hunting or Huntting Family in America, published in Brooklyn, New York, 1888. I believe that this is the most complete Hunting/Huntting genealogy in print, but it is incomplete, even for families listed, and in places it is inaccurate. Location information is scanty, particularly in the earlier generations, and no references or sources are provided.

Since the copy used for the scan was from a microfiche, the page images are far from pristine, but they should be legible.  T.D. Huntting provided an index, but only for the Hunting-surnamed entries. If anyone would like to go through the text and create an index to the non-Hunting names, I would be very happy to include it on the web.

In the genealogy, the male heads of families are numbered in Arabic, from 1 (Elder John Hunting) through 226 (Samuel, an 8th generation descendant). For the links to page groups below, I show both the range of page numbers and the family numbers included.