Database Research at Cornell

Welcome to the Cornell Database Group. We are a group of faculty, researchers, and students who are working on new database and data mining technology. We are currently working on the following research projects (this list is non-exhaustive):

News 2018

(Some of the) members of the Cornell Database Group at the BOOM 2018 student fair: (left to right) Samuel Mosley, Naijia Fan, Niveditha Badiadka, Immanuel Trummer, Deepak Maram, Mark Bryan.

Some of the recent and ongoing projects around query optimization are summarized in the following talk by Immanuel:

The Cornell Database Group and alumni/friends at SIGMOD 2014 at Snowbird, Utah (full-size image here).

At SIGMOD 2013 in New York City (full-size image here).

At CIDR 2013 in Asilomar, California (full-size image here).

At SIGMOD 2012, in Scottsdale, Arizona (full-size image here).