MayBMS - A Database Management System for Uncertain and Probabilistic Data

Cite: L. Antova, T. Jansen, C. Koch, and D. Olteanu. "Fast and Simple Relational Processing of Uncertain Data". Proc. 24th International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE 2008, April 7-12, 2008, Cancun, Mexico, pp. 983-992.


MayBMS is a probabilistic database management system. Its main features include:


MayBMS has been implemented on top of PostgreSQL and will soon be officially released. A current snapshot of the source code can be obtained at This is a complete reimplementation effort. The system currently lacks some of the features of the demos (but contains others in addition).

Various code snippets that people have requested, such as data generators and implementations of our confidence computation algorithms, are available for download below on this page.

Overview papers and Slides

Papers on the MayBMS2 system

Papers on the MayBMS query language and on APIs

Papers on the MayBMS1 prototype

Note: We are currently working on the second prototype of MayBMS -- MayBMS2 -- which is based on U-relations as the representation system (see our ICDE 2008 paper). The first prototype, MayBMS1, was based on world-set decompositions (WSDs). U-relations allow for more efficient query processing than WSDs and are more succinct.



Alumni: Thomas Jansen, Ali Baran Sari.

Additional Material and Source Code