Introduction to Scientific Computing

A Matrix-Vector Approach Using Matlab

2nd Edition

List of Errata

Page/Line Details           
xi url should be
5, first script stray  \\
8, second to last script y(k) = sin(2*pi*x(k)), add the 2*pi
p. 38, line 1 the "a" should be a "b"
p. 42 for k=1:nTerms in the script ExpTaylor
46, after proof Matlab seems to set eps = 2^(1-t).
53, second to last line "of" not "off"
60, line 8 case error: C1.long.d, not C1.Long.d
61, 3rd line in spec for convert .. is the value of f.
62 stray "is a " in spec for pretty
63, PadeCoeff comments The square brackets should be parens, i.e., R.num(1).
p.69 Color mnemonics for white, magenta, and black should be  w, m, and k resp.
p. 78 In last scipt, superfluous V = zeros(n,n)
p.171, bottom c_{i-j+1} instead of c_{i-j}
81, line 2 case error, ...pVal requires...
112 In the spec for pwLAdapt, should be "delta and hmin" and "x and y are column n-vectors"
120,line 1 case error, ... pwLEval ...
144, P4.1.2 Compare the output for NCweights and MyNCweights
169 2nd script for j=1:i not for j=1:n
171, last equation Should have c_{i-j+1} and r_{j-i+1}
p. 173, last displayed eqn the (4,5) entry should be a -1.
177 line -4 Ax not Az
210, line -5 ... so we can vectorize as follows (assuming that x is a column vector):
p. 233 At the bottom, should be [L,U,P] = LU(A).
246, P7.1.2 stray \ symbols and "\car" is "^ "
256 The (n,n-1) and the (n-1,n) entries in the matrix in Theorem 7 are e_{n} not e_{n-1}
274 The function MakeScalar is missing from the list.
336 F(z) = z h_n f(t_{n+1},z) y_n
344, line 8 stray tt
361 cell, 59, not cell, 160
363 cell 59, not cell 160.