First printing mistakes:


p10,  P1.1.4 Y = AX + XB
p26,  Alg 1.4.5 p   \leftarrow  2^{k-1}
p64,  line -1 Missing transpose on   \Pi_{L}
p105, line+13 Set r_{*} = 4r and L_{*} = L/4
p207, eqn (4.2.5) The "x" should be a "g"
p211, eqn for z In the second case, should be   s^{k-1}


Second printing mistakes:

p239, Alg 4.4.3 Line -3: y_{m} \leftarrow  y_{m} + (-1)^{k} x_{k}
p62, Alg 1.8.1 Line 5, W_{n}^{(p)}(0:m-1,q), not 0:m-1:q