CP-2002 Doctoral Program Presentations

Tuesday, September 10

Design of a new metaheuristic for MAXSAT problems

Andrea Roli

Tuning Randomization in Backtrack Search SAT Algorithms

Ines Lynce and Joao Marques-Silva

Randomization and restart in SAT and Test-data generation

Yuan Zhan

Automatic Generation of Implied Clauses for SAT

Lyndon Drake, Alan Frisch, and Toby Walsh

Bridging the Gap between SAT and CSP

Carlos Ansótegui and Felip Manyà

A Linear Programming based Satisfiability solver using a new Horn-driven search tree design

Linda van Norden and Hans van Maaren

Non-binary Disjunctive Constraint Satisfaction

Miguel A. Salido and Federico Barber

Wednesday, September 11

Improving Cost Calculations for Global Constraints in Local Search

Markus Bohlin

Studying Interchangeability in Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Nicoleta Neagu

Using Constraint Propagation to Accelerate Column Generation in Aircraft Scheduling

Mattias Gronkvist

Batch Processing with Sequence Dependent Setup Times: using precedence graphs

Peter Vilim

Symmetry Breaking in Peaceably Coexisting Armies of Queens

Karen Petrie

A Modeling Framework for Constraints

Gerrit Renker


Tracing and explaining execution of CLP(FD) programs

Magnus Agren

Thursday, September 12

Design Tradeoffs for Autonomous Trading Agents

Ioannis Vetsikas

Search in Asynchronous Constraint Solving

Georg Ringwelski

A Concurrent Constraint Programming Approach for Trajectory Determination of Autonomous Vehicles

Luis Quesada and Peter Van Roy

Interactive Heuristic Search Algorithm

Tomas Muller

Generating solutions to constraint satisfaction problems with arbitrary random biasing

David Larkin

Certaintly closure: on tackling problems with uncertain data

Neil Yorke-Smith

A Partially Solver Form for Heterogeneous Constraints in Disjunctive Normal Form

Frank Seelisch