Room Reservations/Information 

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Contact Mat Bolton to request room changes for lectures and sections, make-up classes, extended time exams, and overflow rooms for exams. Include in your request the course number or event name, date of event, begin and end times, room size required, preferred rooms in order of preference.  Please try to send your request at least a week before the date the room is needed.  If Mat is out of the office, send your request to

For evening prelims, see the Evening Prelims page. 

For all other room requests (e.g. review sessions, grading sessions, special help sessions, etc), contact the engineering registrar's office, ( or use their online form: Walk-in and phone requests will be dated/timed and put in a queue with e-mail requests so that all requests are processed in chronological order. Room requests will be processed in a timely manner with the goal being a three business day turnaround. Same day turnaround cannot be guaranteed, so please plan your requests before the last possible minute. A confirmation e-mail will be sent out for each completed request.

For information such as building codes, room keys, and audio visual equipment, go to the University Scheduling web site.

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