Meals for Grading Sessions 

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The following policy was e-mailed to facres@cs from Eva Tardos on 1/23/07:

Policy for Meal Reimbursement for Student Grading Sessions:

Faculty and/or PhD students can request reimbursement for expenses associated with providing a meal to students while they help grade papers, projects and tests for classes with 70 or more students enrolled.

Please help us to control costs by trying to keep the cost per person in the $5.00 to $6.00 range. The reimbursement is limited to a meal served during the grading period held on campus for a maximum of $8.00 all inclusive, per student assisting with the grading session. Original receipts documenting the expense and the names of students attending the grading session must be attached to the request for reimbursement form.

If a faculty member wishes to provide a meal for students assisting with the grading session for classes with less than 70 students enrolled, they may choose to do so from their discretionary funds subject to the $8.00 maximum per student.


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