Evening Prelims 

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For evening prelims with 30 or fewer students, contact Mat Bolton.   Include in your e-mail the course number, date(s) of exam(s), begin and end times, room size required (usually double the enrollment), preferred rooms in order of preference.  Mat will forward your request for processing.

For evening prelims with more than 30 students, contact the Dean of Faculty's office.  State the course number, preferred exam date, size of room (usually double the enrollment).  Include in the message a statement saying a makeup exam will be given to students who have an exam conflict resulting from adding your exam to the schedule.  (Exams already on the schedule get priority over exams added later, meaning the instructor of the newly added exam needs to give a makeup exam.)  After the exam is approved, the university registrar's office will assign exam rooms.  Copy Mat Bolton on your request.

New information from the Dean of Faculty's office, Spring '11:

1.      Select the dates for which the students in your course have the fewest conflicts.  You are obligated to provide a make-up exam for those students who do have conflicts.

2.      Consult the departments whose courses have conflicting exams to make certain that the dates do not create major problems. 

3.      Inform this office (DoF) of the results of items 1 and 2. The University Registrar's Office will then assign a room.

If you're not sure what procedure to follow, contact Mat Bolton for advice. 

For information such as building codes, room keys, and audio visual equipment, go to the University Scheduling web site.

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