Cross-listing Courses with CS




The Department of Computer Science is happy to consider proposals from other academic units to have courses cross-listed.


What We Need


The following documentation is required:


1.       A course description as would appear in Courses of Study.  (Basically a one-paragraph synopsis with a mention of prerequisites and credit hours.)

2.      A week-by-week syllabus that indicates content and the frequency of all assignments and exams.

3.      A plan for offering the course during the next few academic years and how TA/grader needs (if any) are to be met. 


Please have all materials sent to the CS Chair’s office, 4130 Upson Hall or electronically to


We strongly prefer that courses have a web page that is kept up to date for students to use as a resource.




The proposed cross-listing is initially reviewed by faculty who are familiar with the area in question.  The “CS Content” and prerequisites must be consistent with other CS courses at the same level.  Indeed, the CS course number is determined with these factors in mind.


The final proposal is approved or rejected by the entire CS faculty.




When the semester ends, the instructor of the cross-listed course must supply the CS Chair with a copy of all the student course evaluations.  Whatever forms are used by the instructor’s college are fine.  Copies of exams and assignments must also be sent to the CS chair if they are not available on the course website.




Document created by Charles Van Loan, January 2002.