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Course Support Services

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Class lists

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Classroom technology  

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Course rosters 

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Course websites

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Cross-listing courses

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Evening prelims

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Exam schedules

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Meals for grading sessions

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Midterm evaluations

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Room reservations/Information

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Summer Session Faculty Handbook

redball.gif (924 bytes)  TA office hours

redball.gif (924 bytes)  Textbooks/Desk Copies



Information from Charlie Van Loan about:

       redball.gif (924 bytes)  Upholding Academic Integrity 

        redball.gif (924 bytes)  Helping Students Handle Stress

        redball.gif (924 bytes)  Running Your CS Course


General Information

redball.gif (924 bytes) Academic Integrity Information

redball.gif (924 bytes) Cornell Academic Calendars

redball.gif (924 bytes) Courses of Study

redball.gif (924 bytes) FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) Policy

redball.gif (924 bytes) Grading CS Courses

redball.gif (924 bytes) Locating Net IDs of students, staff, and faculty

redball.gif (924 bytes) Policies on Prelims (chapter 5, p. 86-87), Evening Activities (chapter 5, p. 86-87) (including exams), Final Exams, (chapter 5, p. 88-89) and Final Grades (chapter 5, p. 89-91)

redball.gif (924 bytes) Religious Holidays

redball.gif (924 bytes) Students with Disabilities








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