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Sun 12/15 all is well Everyone passed! If you're curious about your project, Gun and Beth are arranging ways for you to pick up the graded project.

Have a good break and fun in CS100! Maybe I'll see you again the next time I teach CS100....

Fri 12/6  Wrap up I hope everyone rememberer to submit their final projects on time! The course is now over. I hope that everyone enjoyed it and learned how to program! If there are any problems, we'll contact you by e-mail. If you need to reach Gun or me, please contact us by e-mail. 
final advice Here's something I tell people -- over the break, pick up a book on Java (say one of the used CS100 books or even look on-line) and try to rewrite some of your programs this semester. Since you already know the problems pretty well, you can quickly focus on syntax and get a good head start on next semester.
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special invite Gun's going to hand out a flier tomorrow  -- everyone is invited to an upcoming panel discussion, "Perspectives on Women in Computer Science" on Monday 12/9 at 6pm. Check out http://www.cs.cornell.edu/rsvp/womenDec2002.html for more information. To attend, you need to RSVP to patwell@cs.cornell.edu.