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Wed 8/14 Development The website is mostly alive but subject to change.


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Mon 9/30 Prelim 1/conflicts See Exams and Syllbus pages for info on the upcoming exam and what to do if you have a conflict. Be sure to indicate *CS99* in any e-mail if you do have a university-excused conflict.
just added CS99? You need to review the entire Syllabus and website to become familiar with the general policies. You will also need to review all the lecture notes (which should go quickly since you've seen this material in CS100M/J already). Also, I'm requiring that people that just added the course do all of the homework to date under the honor system (just don't look at the  solutions), so that they can catch up. Again, should go pretty quickly since you've done most of that stuff already. You do not need to catch up on the labs, though I *highly* recommend that you review that material to catch up as well. The good news is that this week is a sort catch-up as you heard in lecture today, so  you need to finish these tasks by 10/7.
Sun 9/29 Gun office hours Changed. See Staff.
Thu 9/26 bowling The ACSU is welcoming freshmen to CS! They're inviting you to come to Freshman Bowling Night at Helen Newman!
  • Date : Friday, September 27th
  • Time : 5:00-6:30pm
  • Place : Helen Newman Bowling Alley
Free food, free drinks, and best of all - FREE ENTRANCE.

Visit us at www.acsu.cornell.edu or send email to Jason (jck29), Gary
(gdc7) or Robert (hl273) for questions.

Mon 9/23 hw comments I just went through all of the submissions. A few notes:
  • algorithms should not indicate code/coding element. Things like "write a loop" do not belong. When you see my solution, you'll see what I mean.
  • A lot of people had the statement, "Find the maximum number of 1s in the sequence" as one of the steps of their algorithm. Yes, that should be included, but how exactly how will you do that? That part was the heart of the algorithm you needed to write! Don't worry -- we'll come back to this problem really soon :-)
  • Code doesn't belong in algorithm -- an algorithm should clear and general enough that you could implement it in another language.
Sun 9/22 updates I posted notes about homework grades/advice on the syllabus and assignments document. The advice is a bit more related to CS100, but you will find it helpful. I also posted homework 3 (!). Don't forget that hw 2 is due tomorrow in *lecture*.
Tue 9/17 postings Lab3 is up.
free book I wonder if anyone is actually checking these announcements. As a reward for being the person to post a message in News with the subject line "I love reading CS99 Announcements!" I will you give you any choice from my large pile of free books.
Thu 9/12 homework
other postings
I've posted the next homework assignment. I've also been getting lab and homework solutions on-line.
out As I reported in lecture, I'll be out for YK. Prof Fan will be covering on Monday. Gun already has a lab exercise for Tuesday, which he will give to you just before lab commences (it will not be on-line until later next week).
Tue 9/10 bugs There were a couple of bugs in the e2cs99fa02. I added a note about what to do with incorrect commands and fixed the mistake in arrays in (3). I was thinking Java at the time!
hints Some of the material on rand is deliberately "thought provoking." Gun will be posting some hints on the newsgroup to help you out. Note that you can also work with other people on the exercises.
Mon 9/2 newsgroup I discovered another typo on the syllabus. The correct CS99 newsgroup is cornell.class.099. I always forget that blasted zero.
Sun 9/1 Updates The syllabus is finalized. You need to go through it on the web even though I'm handing it out it lecture. I've also started posting lecture notes.
Homework 1 The files are posted in Homework. Be sure to submit the grading guide along with the assignment.


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Tue 10/29 T1 I posted T1 solutions. I strongly suggest that you carefully review them.
improved H6 As announced in lecture, I changed problem 1 (Sunday night) to something you haven't actually done yet :-) (I did discuss the example briefly at the beginning of lecture.)
Thu 10/24 H6 Finally posted! The good news is that it's due NEXT Monday (11/4).
Fri 10/18 Prelim 1 review
I posted exam topics and review material on Exams. Having last year's exam and its solutions should help you study.
Getting help... Reminder for ways to get help: office hours, consultants (who are they? see Staff), and newsgroup...
Tue 10/15 Prelim 1 Some people think the test is on 10/17. I'm not sure why. See the on-line Exams and Syllabus. I wonder if I had a typo at the beginning of the semester? CS211 does have it's prelim then, so maybe I borrowed too much HTML back in August...?
Homework 4 "solutions" I answered pretty much all of the questions students asked in their "Homework 4" right on the Homework page, instead of news. So look inside h4solcs99fa02.txt. If I missed anything or if anything is still unclear, post a message on News so Gun and I can help wrap up loose ends. The good news is that if you really asked questions about what was confusing you (and we explained the issues well enough), you're all caught up! :-)
Fri 10/4 Prelim 1 coming up See Syllabus for details on our policies, especially on conflicts.
TA evaluation Starting Mon 10/7 and until Sun 10/20, you need to evaluate our lone TA. They're giving away randomly chosen prizes as an incentive to fill out the survey.
H5 If you want to get a headstart on homework #5, it's posted. We're going over loops on Monday/Tuesday.


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Tue 11/26 prelim solutions posted (except problem 2 :-)
Wed 11/20 read your e-mail! I'm having Gun mail out some instructions on you need to do concerning Prelim 2.
Mon 11/18 Lab 10 sol posted
Mon 11/11 Prelim 2 info and help posted on Exams
Sun 11/10 final project I posted the final project. This assignment will be your remaining homework this semester.
Tue 11/5 voting Don't forget to vote!
Mon 11/4 H7 posted
creative problems I'm looking through your H6s. Seems that a few people like "perfect squares" problems. I'm also seeing running, baseball, computing letter grades, bunnies, craps, dogs, prime numbers, and sock picking. You're a pretty creative bunch :-)