Possible Lecture Topics

Students may choose lecture topics from the following list, or they may give a presentation on another topic they choose for themselves, with the intructor's permission. Each of the topics listed below is accompanied by one or more suggested papers. Generally, the presentation should be based on a single primary paper (or occasionally two papers); the highlighted paper on the list is the suggested primary paper. The others on the list provide supporting material which may enhance the lecture. For example, sometimes the primary paper is solving a problem raised in an earlier paper which is included elsewhere on the list of links.

All students in the class are responsible for reading the primary paper(s) before coming to class. You should at least read enough of the paper to learn the main contribution and the main technical ideas behind this contribution. Then write one or two paragraphs of comments on the paper and send it to cs783-2007fa@googlegroups.com. You may want to discuss some (not necessarily all) of the following points in your comments:

Network Coding

Potential additional topics