CS 783: Information-Theoretic Aspects of Algorithms


This course is a graduate-level seminar covering contemporary research at the interface between information theory and algorithms. The first part of the course focuses on network coding, i.e. the study of information transmission in networks whose routers are allowed to perform encoding and decoding operations on packet contents in addition to the usual operations of storing and forwarding. The second part of the course will cover one or more additional topics to be determined by student interest; possibilities include compressed sensing and error-correcting codes.


The class will meet once per week for presentation and discussion of assigned papers. These presentations will be led by the intructor during the first few weeks of the course, and by students thereafter.


Robert Kleinberg
4138 Upson
Phone: 255-9200

Time and Place

W 10:10-11:50
315 Upson Hall


Familiarity with algorithms at the level of CS 681 or above. Prior exposure to information theory will be useful but not required.


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