Graphics-Vision Seminar (Fall 2023)

Time: Mondays 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Organizers: Noah Snavely and Yen-Yu Chang
Location: Gates 310 and Zoom

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Date Topic Presenter
08/28 Towards Label-efficient Recognition Cheng Perng Phoo
09/11 Better Ground Reconstruction for Internet Photo Collection Yen-Yu Chang
09/18 Noise-Coded Illumination for Forensic and Photometric Analysis Peter Michael
09/25 ICCV Presentations
10/02 Toward Human-Centered XR: Bridging Cognition and Computation Qi Sun
10/09 Fall Break -- No Meeting
10/16 Diffusion Models and Image Understanding Luming Tang
10/23 Geometric Priors of Neural Networks Francis Williams
10/30 Realistic Appearance Modeling and Rendering of Iridescent Bird Feathers Blaire Yu
11/06 Fiber Assembly Generation with Fiber-level Details Caroline Sun
11/27 DreamWalk: Presonalized Composable Diffusion for Text-to-Image Generation Michelle Shu