Computer Graphics/Vision Seminar—Fall 2011

CS 7690
Mondays, 12:00–1:00 pm
5126 Upson Hall (off the 5th floor lounge, to the left of the kitchen)

The talks in the Graphics/Vision Seminar stem from current research, and they can be of various types:

Talks about research that is already written up and submitted are generally not allowed; you should present work in seminar when you are still ready to get feedback on it.
Aug 29 First Meeting
Sep 5 —Labor Day—
Sep 12 Stefanie Jegelka
Cooperative graph cuts: coupling edges via submodularity
Sep 19 Shuang Zhao
Building Volumetric Appearance Models of Fabric using Micro CT Imaging
Sep 26 Ruogu Fang
(a talk on ongoing research)
Oct 3 Daniel Hauagge
(a talk on ongoing research)
Oct 10 —Fall Break—
Oct 17 Joshua Schwartz
Estimating viewpoint to improve object recognition
Oct 24 Zhao Dong
(a talk on ongoing research)
Oct 31 Cem Yuksel
(a talk on ongoing research)
Nov 7 Chun-Po Wang
Estimating Dual-scale Properties of Glossy Surfaces from Step-edge Lighting
Nov 14 Jingyi Yu
Beyond Perspective Cameras: Multi-perspective Imaging, Reconstruction, Rendering and Projection
Nov 21 Wenzel Jakob
(a talk on ongoing research)
Nov 28 Albert Liu
(a talk on ongoing research)

Previous semesters:

Cem Yuksel - Steve Marschner