Computer Graphics Seminar—Fall 2008

CS 7690
Mondays, 12:15–1:15 pm
551 Rhodes Hall (PCG Conference Room)

The talks in the Graphics Seminar stem from current research, and they can be of various types:

Talks about research that is already written up and submitted are generally not allowed; you should present work in seminar when you are still ready to get feedback on it.

Schedule for Fall 2008

September 8 Jaroslav Křivánek
iCheat: A Representation for Artistic Control of Indirect Cinematic Lighting
September 15 Edgar Velázquez-Armendáriz
Lessig & Fiume, SOHO: Orthogonal and Symmetric Haar Wavelets on the Sphere
September 22 Jon Moon
Image-Based Hair Modeling Techniques
September 29 Jeff Chadwick
Simulating Electrosurgical Cutting
October 6 Lior Shapira, Tel-Aviv University
Image Appearance Exploration by Model Based Navigation
October 13 —Fall Break—
October 20 Steven An
Optimising Cubature for Efficient Integration of Subspace Deformations
October 27 Ted Kim
November 3 Jon Kaldor
Improving The Yarns in Yarn-Based Cloth Models
November 10 Tim Condon
Statistics of Real-World Illumination and Materials
November 17 (no seminar)
November 24 (no seminar)
December 1 Kan Li
An Improved Reflection Model for Human Hair

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