Database Seminar (CS 7390)



We discuss this year's papers in the area of database systems. We focus on papers that appeared on VLDB and SIGMOD 2019. One to two papers (on related topics) are presented in each session. Alternatively, participants may choose to present their own research if it connects to database systems. Each participant is expected to give several presentations over the semester.

Presentations are expected to last 45 minutes (pure presentation time), allowing for ca. 10 minutes of questions throughout and after the talk.

Lunch will be provided before the seminar.

Presentation schedule:

Date Presenter Topic
9/23 Saehan Jo Verifying Text Summaries of Relational Data Sets
9/30 Alison Cooper ColumnML: Column-Store Machine Learning with On-The-Fly Data Transformation
10/7 Andy Zhang Designing Distributed Tree-based Index Structures for Fast RDMA-capable Networks
10/14 (Holiday) -
10/21 Juexiao Wang A Holistic Approach for Query Evaluation andResult Vocalization in Voice-Based OLAP
10/28 Jialing Pei Pessimistic Cardinality Estimation: Tighter Upper Bounds for Intermediate Join Cardinalities
11/4 Ziyun Wei TBD
11/11 Mengfei Xiong TBD
11/18 Siwen Chen TBD