Database Seminar (CS 7390)


There will be no seminar on the 27th of August due to the VLDB conference!


We discuss recent (and a few seminal) papers in the areas of data management, data mining, and data science. We focus on papers published in the database community at conferences such as VLDB and SIGMOD. One to two papers (on related topics) are presented in each session. Each participant is expected to give one to two presentations over the semester.

At the beginning of the semester, participants select topics and time slots for their presentation. All topics that connect broadly to databases and data analysis are admissible. A few topic propositions follow below. You can however propose your own topic or present a proposed topic with different papers. You can also talk about your research as long as it falls within our focus area.

Lunch will be provided before the seminar.

Topic Proposals

Approximate Indexing

Data Skipping

Data Processing for Visualization

Deterministic Approximation

Self-Driving DBMS

Adapting to Hardware

Non-Volatile Memory

Data Processing with Fast Networks

Robust Query Optimization

Worst-Case Optimal Join Algorithms

Concurrency-Control on Many-Cores