CS 7190 (Fall 2018)

Seminar in Programming Languages
Time: Wednesdays 3:35PM - 4:35PM
Location: Gates 310
Organizers: Dexter Kozen and Adrian Sampson
Czars: Eric Campbell and Molly Feldman
Previous Semesters: Archives
Information on the retreat: Retreat 2018


The Programming Languages Discussion Group meets weekly to discuss papers in the area of programming languages, program analysis, and compilers. The goal is to encourage interactions and discussions between students, researchers, and faculty with interests in this area. The seminar is open to everybody interested in languages and compilers. First-year and second-year students are especially encouraged to participate. Participating students should register for the 1-credit course CS 7190.

Talks will be advertised on the pldg-l@cornell.edu list. To subscribe, send a message to pldg-l-request@cornell.edu with the subject "join" and a blank body.


Date Topic Presenter Host
29 August Getting Started!
September 5 Cancelled due to Retreat
September 12PL For MusicMichael Roberts
September 19Types for Information Flow Control: Labeling Granularity and Semantic Models
Vineet Rajani and Deepak Garg
Ethan Cecchetti
September 26 Cancelled
October 3SHErrLoc: A Static Holistic Error Locator
Danfeng Zhang, Andrew C. Meyers, Dimitrios Vytiniotis, and Simon Peyton-Jones
Josh Acay
October 10Putting in All the Stops: Execution Control for Javascript
Samuel Baxter, Rachit Nigam, Joe Gibbs Politz, Shriram Krishnamurthi, and Arjun Guja
Rachit Nigam
October 17Differential Equation Axiomatization
[Special Time and Location] Starting at 4pm in Malott 206
Andre PlatzerMathematics
October 24FunTAL: reasonably mixing a functional language with assembly
Daniel Patterson, Jamie Perconti, Christos Dimoulas, Amal Ahmed
Irene Yoon
October 29
Public Service Announcement: Is Your Programming Language "Safe"?
[Special Time] 3-4 pm in Gates 310
Todd MillsteinNate Foster
October 31Replicated Data Types: Specification, Verification, Optimality
Sebastian Burkhardt, Alexey Gotsman, Hongseok Yang, and Marek Zawirski
Rolph Recto
November 7 Amigo Review for PLDI
November 14Reduction: a method of proving properties of parallel programs
Richard J. Lipton
Jonathan DiLorenzo
November 21 No meeting due to Thanksgiving Break
November 28 Towards a Formal Theory of Renaming for OCaml
Hugo Feree, Reuben N.S. Rowe and Simon Thompson
Reuben N.S. RoweLiron Cohen
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