CS 7190 (Spring 2017)

Seminar in Programming Languages
Time: Wednesdays 3:35PM - 4:35PM
Location: Gates 122
Organizers: Dexter Kozen and Adrian Sampson
Czars: Matthew Milano and Molly Feldman
Previous Semesters: Archives


The Programming Languages Discussion Group meets weekly to discuss papers in the area of programming languages, program analysis, and compilers. The goal is to encourage interactions and discussions between students, researchers, and faculty with interests in this area. The seminar is open to everybody interested in languages and compilers. First-year and second-year students are especially encouraged to participate. Participating students should register for the 1-credit course CS 7190.

Talks will be advertised on the pldg-l@cornell.edu list. To subscribe, send a message to pldg-l-request@cornell.edu with the subject "join" and a blank body.


Date Topic Presenter Host
25 Jan Organizational Meeting and topic exploration
1 FebruaryAbstracting Gradual Typing
Garcia, Clark, and Tanter
Fabian Muehlboeck
8 FebruaryProperty Law as a Programming Language
Shrutarshi Basu
Shrutarshi Basu
15 FebruaryRelCost: A Relational Type System for Cost Analysis
Marco Gaboardi
Marco GaboardiAndrew Myers
22 FebruaryCarlo Pinciroli
Carlo Pinciroli
Carlo PinciroliWil Thomason
1 MarchOn Verifying Causal Consistency
Ahmed Bouajjani, Constantin Enea, Rachid Guerraoui, and Jad Hamza
Isaac Sheff
8 MarchHypercollecting Semantics and its Application to Static Analysis of Information Flow
Mounir Assaf, David A. Maumann, Julien Signoles, Eric Totel, Frederic Tronel
Ethan Cecchetti
22 MarchLevity Polymorphism
Richard A. Eisenberg and Simon Peyton Jones
Yizhou Zhang
29 MarchJosh Gancher
5 April Spring Break
12 AprilWil Thomason
19 AprilSteffen Smolka
26 AprilXiang Long
2 MayMatthew Milano
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