Computer Science 6820
Cornell University, Fall 2009
Mon-Wed-Fri 2:30-3:20
306 Hollister

This is an introductory graduate-level course on algorithms, covering both fundamental techniques and the basics of some current research areas.

There is no specific course pre-requisite, though knowledge of some material at the level of CS 4820 will be assumed at various times. In particular, it will be useful to have experience with elementary data structures, basic sorting and searching, basic graph terminology, and asymptotic analysis of time and space bounds for algorithms. It will also be helpful to have seen basic definitions of probability (e.g. random variables and their expectations), as well as some very basic linear algebra.

See below for more information, including the the list of handouts, the outline of topics, the description of coursework, and the CMS site.

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List of Handouts


Outline of Topics

Part 1: Fundamental Graph Algorithms

Part 2: Dealing with Computational Intractability

Part 3: Further Algorithmic Techniques




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