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Fall 2010 projects

Fall 2009 projects


An open-ended term project is a major part of the course. In the term project, you will investigate some interesting aspect of machine learning or apply machine learning to a problem that interests you. For advice with the project topics, please contact the instructor.

A team of one or two students is allowed.


Project proposal will be due on Sep 20 (one page). There will be a mid-term progress report (maximum 4 pages) due on late October. For mid-term project presentation schedule (maximum 5 min presentation, maximum 6 slides), see below. (The midterm report and presentation will be separately graded.) The final project report will be due at the end of the semester (maximum 8 pages). Final presentation in December.

Report format

It is suggested that the proposals/reports be in a single column format, with atleast 11 font size. It is not necessary, you can use this format for the reports.