Date Discussion Paper or Project Activity Presenter
Thu, 25 Jan Introduction and Overview; discuss project topics
Topic 1 Systems
Tue, 30 Jan “Lessons from the Amazon Picking Challenge: Four Aspects of Building Robotic Systems.” Eppner, Höfer, Jonschkowski, Martín-Martín, Sieverling, Wall, and Brock. RSS 2016. Sawyer Elliott
“Analysis and Observations from the First Amazon Picking Challenge.” Correll, Bekris, Berenson, Brock, Causo, Hauser, Okada, Rodriguez, Romano and Wurman, T-ASE 2016. optional extra reading
Thu, 1 Feb No class — professor traveling
Tue, 6 Feb “Robotic Roommates Making Pancakes.” Beetz, Klank, Kresse, Maldonado, Mösenlechner, Pangercic, Rühr, and Tenorth. Humanoids 2011. Yixiao Wang
Topic 2 Learning
Thu, 8 Feb “Learning Contact-Rich Manipulation Skills with Guided Policy Search.” Levine, Wagener, and Abbeel. ICRA 2015. Jose Nino
Mon, 12 Feb Project proposals due
Tue, 13 Feb “Neural Task Programming: Learning to Generalize Across Hierarchical Tasks.” Xu, Nair, Zhu, Gao, Garg, Fei-Fei, and Savarese. 2017. Claire Liang
Thu, 15 Feb “Combining Self-Supervised Learning and Imitation for Vision-Based Rope Manipulation.” Nair, Chen, Agrawal, Isola, Abbeel, Malik, and Levine. 2017. Haoyuan Zheng
Tue, 20 Feb No class — mid-winter break
Topic 3 Manipulation Strategies
Thu, 22 Feb “A Framework for Push-grasping in Clutter.” Dogar and Srinivasa. RSS 2011.
Tue, 27 Feb “Extrinsic Dexterity: In-Hand Manipulation with External Forces.” Chavan-Dafle, Rodriguez, Paolini, Tang, Srinivasa, Erdmann, Mason, Lundberg, Staab, and Fuhlbrigge. ICRA 2014.
Thu, 1 Mar “Manipulation Planning with Caging Grasps.” Diankov, Srinivasa, Ferguson, and Kuffner. Humanoids 2008.
Tue, 6 Mar No class — HRI conference
Thu, 8 Mar No class — HRI conference
Tue, 13 Mar No class — professor away
Thu, 15 Mar Project Milestone 1 presentations
Topic 4 Motion Planning
Tue, 20 Mar “Task Space Regions: A Framework for Pose-Constrained Manipulation Planning.” Berenson, Srinivasa, and Kuffner. IJRR 2011.
Thu, 22 Mar “Manipulation Planning Among Movable Obstacles.” Stilman, Schamburek, Kuffner, and Asfour. ICRA 2007.
Topic 5 Symbolic Planning
Tue, 27 Mar “Coming Up with Good Excuses: What To Do When No Plan Can be Found.” Göbelbecker, Keller, Eyerich, Brenner, and Nebel. ICAPS 2010. Jose Nino
Thu, 29 Mar “Incremental Task and Motion Planning: A Constraint-Based Approach.” Dantam, Kingston, Chaudhuri, and Kavraki. RSS 2016. Wil Thomason
Tue, 3 Apr No class — Spring Break
Thu, 5 Apr No class — Spring Break
Topic 7 Natural Language
Tue, 10 Apr “Understanding Natural Language Commands for Robotic Navigation and Mobile Manipulation.” Tellex, Kollar, Dickerson, Walter, Banerjee, Teller, and Roy. AAAI 2011.
Topic 6 Programming and Interfaces
Thu, 12 Apr “RoboFlow: A Flow-based Visual Programming Language for Mobile Manipulation Tasks.” Alexandrova, Tatlock, and Cakmak. ICRA 2015. Alex Renda
Tue, 17 Apr Project Milestone 2 presentations
Topic 7 Natural Language
Thu, 19 Apr “Tell Me Dave: Context-Sensitive Grounding of Natural Language to Manipulation Instructions.” Misra, Sung, Lee, and Saxena. RSS 2014.
Topic 8 Human-Robot Interaction
Tue, 24 Apr “An Implemented Theory of Mind to Improve Human-Robot Shared Plans Execution.” Devin and Alami. HRI 2016. Zhidi Yang
Thu, 26 Apr “Learning to Manipulate Articulated Objects in Unstructured Environments Using a Grounded Relational Representation.” Katz, Pyuro, and Brock. RSS 2009.
Tue, 1 May Evolved Machines Shed Light on Robustness and Resilience Bongard and Lipson, Proceedings of the IEEE 2014 Frankie Zhu
Thu, 3 May Final Project Demos and Presentations
Tue, 8 May Final Project Demos and Presentations
Tue, 15 May Final Project Paper Due

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