CS6742 Fall : Assignment 1.R
Reflection on A1


Goal: Encourage positive and forward-looking reflection on your A1 experience — both working on your project and listening to your classmates' presentations.

Preliminary step: By Tue Sep 21, 11:59pm, each team should post their slides/visual aids, and, if comfortable doing so, your report or other writeup, as a new post on the course discussion site. Make your post a "Post" (the second, blue button when creating a new thread), not a "Question". Make your "Note" title informative/recognizable, and include all team members' names in the Note. Use the category tag A1_reflection.

Main tasks. From now on, this is an individual assignment (consider your teams for A1 to be disbanded). That is why there will be no grouping on CMS for A1.R.

  1. By Thu Sep 23, 11:59pm, add a comment to your team's post. (Remember, each team member does this separately from their other teammates.)
      1. What lesson(s) would you like to pass on from your A1 experience?
      2. What are you most proud of?
      3. What did you spend the most time on?
  2. By Mon Sep 27, 11:59pm, choose at least one post by a team other than your own, and add a single comment containing the answers to the following.
    You are only required to complete this followup for one team, but following up on multiple projects will be looked on quite favorably by the me and, presumably, the other teams.
    Let's also strive to make sure each team gets at least one response.
    1. What did you find most interesting in that team's project? For instance, what was a cool, or unexpected, or well-done research finding; or, what was a cool, or unexpected, or well-done technique, experimental setup or framing, or other "practical" aspect?
    2. Imagine that you were added to the other team now. What would you suggest should be the next experiment for your new team to try?
      Try to be as specific as possible. Ideal example:
      To find out if nodes of property X get more Y, pair up nodes with property X with nodes that are for related products (where "related" would be defined [fill in]). You'd probably have to discard nodes with property Z in order to make sure that [the comparison is valid]. It seems like we couldn't directly test for Y, but maybe an approximation Y' would be [whatever you suggest]
      The pedagogical point: now that you've had experience with these kinds of experiments and found out about other people's techniques, let's practice applying your (potentially new)"experimental setup" knowledge, to help hone your instincts for: "what is the next concrete bit of research I could do?"
  3. Also by Mon Sep 27, 11:59pm, to help me with bookkeeping, on CMS assignment A1.R, write down which team(s) you commented on.