CS6742 Fall : Final-project proposals


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Goal: help you complete a successful final project by the end of the semester, one that we hope can eventually become a research publication. (Keep in mind the submission deadlines for ICWSM 2017 and ACL 2017, both a little after the end of the term.) This goal is what motivates the requirements below.

Now that you have had exposure to a variety of topics and have developed at least three small project proposals in this course, you should be in a good position to formulate your final project proposal. (That's intentional ambiguity as to what the word "final" is modifying, there).

Your proposals (and hence projects) should be done in teams, but teams consisting of a single person are fine. Henceforth, the words "you" and "your" refer to a team.

Proposal content requirements: we are expecting 3-4 paragraphs. The following must be included:

Your proposal can be based on proposals previously submitted for this class by you or others (I am indeed hoping that some of the proposals you've come up earlier will blossom into full-blown projects!); if so, your proposal should reference the respective piazza post and incorporate any feedback that was given.

Deadlines: In all cases, we recommend trying to finish each milestone ahead of its deadline.

Assessment criteria: Proposals: thoughtfulness, creativity, and feasibility are most important to . On-time completion of all requirements will be factored in.