CS 6742 - List of potential papers to be addressed

(under construction)
Note that not all the papers listed here will be covered
Patterns of Temporal Variation in Online Media
J. Yang and J. Leskovec
to appear in WSDM  (2011)
Understanding deja reviewers
E. Gilbert and K. Karahalios
CSCW  (2010)
Ruling out latent homophily in social networks
G. Steeg and A. Galstyan
NIPS Social Computing Workshop  (2010)
Exploiting social context for review quality prediction
Y. Lu and P. Tsaparas and A. Ntoulas and L. Polanyi
WWW  (2010)
Predicting Persuasiveness in Political Discourses
C. Strapparava and M. Guerini and O. Stock
LREC  (2010)
Highlighting disputed claims on the web
Rob Ennals, Beth Trushkowsky, John Mark Agosta, Tye Rattenbury, and Tad Hirsch
WWW  (2010)
Reading between the lines: linguistic cues to deception in online dating profiles
C. Toma and J. Hancock
CSCW  (2010)
Scalable discovery of contradictions on the web
M. Tsytsarau and T. Palpanas and K. Denecke
WWW  (2010)
Semi-supervised recognition of sarcastic sentences in twitter and amazon
D. Davidov and O. Tsur and A. Rappoport
CoNLL  (2010)
Understanding dispute resolution online: using text to reflect personal and substantive issues in conflict
M. Billings and L. Watts
CHI  (2010)
Detecting controversial events from twitter
A. Popescu and M. Pennacchiotti
CIKM  (2010)
Detecting controversies in Twitter: a first study
M. Pennacchiotti and A. Popescu
NAACL HLT Workshop on Computational Linguistics in a World of Social Media  (2010)
ICWSM-A Great Catchy Name: Semi-Supervised Recognition of Sarcastic Sentences in Online Product Reviews
O. Tsur and D. Davidov and A. Rappoport
ICWSM  (2010)
Opinion formation under costly expression
F. Wu and B. Huberman
ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems  (2010)
Visualizing Topical Quotations Over Time to Understand News Discourse
N Schneider and R Hwa and P Gianfortoni and D Das and M Heilman and AW Black and FL Crabbe and NA Smith
Carnegie Mellon University Technical Report  (2010)
Automatically profiling the author of an anonymous text
S. Argamon and M. Koppel and J. Pennebaker and J. Schler
Communications of the ACM - Inspiring Women in Computing  (2009)
Extracting social meaning: Identifying interactional style in spoken conversation
D. Jurafsky and R. Ranganath and D. McFarland
NAACL  (2009)
Facts or friends? Distinguishing informational and conversational questions in social Q&A sites
F. Harper and D. Moy and J. Konstan
CHI  (2009)

It's not you, it's me: Detecting flirting and its misperception in speed-dates
R. Ranganath and D. Jurafsky and D. McFarland
EMNLP  (2009)

Measuring the happiness of large-scale written expression: Songs, blogs, and presidents
P. Dodds and C. Danforth
Journal of Happiness Studies  (2009)

Meme-tracking and the dynamics of the news cycle
J. Leskovec and L. Backstrom and J. Kleinberg
SIGKDD  (2009)

The lie detector: Explorations in the automatic recognition of deceptive language
R. Mihalcea and C. Strapparava
ACL-IJCNLP  (2009)

Blogs Are Echo Chambers: Blogs Are Echo Chambers
E. Gilbert and T. Bergstrom and K. Karahalios
System Sciences  (2009)

How opinions are received by online communities: A case study on Amazon.com helpfulness votes
C. Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil and G. Kossinets and J. Kleinberg and L. Lee
WWW  (2009)

Fightin' Words: Lexical Feature Selection and Evaluation for Identifying the Content of Political Conflict
B. Monroe and M. Colaresi and K. Quinn
Political Analysis  (2008)

Feedback effects between similarity and social influence in online communities
D. Crandall and D. Cosley and D. Huttenlocher and J. Kleinberg and S. Suri
SIGKDD  (2008)

Finding contradictions in text
M. De Marneffe and A. Rafferty and C. Manning
ACL  (2008)

Knowledge sharing and yahoo answers: everyone knows something
L. Adamic and J. Zhang and E. Bakshy and M. Ackerman
WWW  (2008)

Trusting politicians' words (for persuasive NLP)
M. Guerini and C. Strapparava and O. Stock
CICLing  (2008)

SuggestBot: using intelligent task routing to help people find work in wikipedia
D. Cosley and D. Frankowski and L. Terveen and J. Riedl
IUI  (2007)

Using linguistic cues for the automatic recognition of personality in conversation and text
F. Mairesse and M. Walker and M. Mehl and R. Moore
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research  (2007)

Leave a Reply: An Analysis of Weblog Comments
G. Mishne and N. Glance
Workshop on the Weblogging ecosystem  (2006)

Negation, contrast and contradiction in text processing
S. Harabagiu and A. Hickl and F. Lacatusu
AAAI  (2006)

Whose thumb is it anyway? Classifying author personality from weblog text
J. Oberlander and S. Nowson
COLING-ACL  (2006)

Automatically assessing review helpfulness
S. Kim and P. Pantel and T. Chklovski and M Pennacchiotti
EMNLP  (2006)

Lying words: Predicting deception from linguistic styles
M. Newman and J. Pennebaker and D. Berry and J. Richards
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin  (2003)