Structured Prediction for Natural Language Processing

Fall 2016, CS 6741
Time: Monday and Wednesday, 10:10-11:25am
Room: Gates 416 / Hackers
Instructor: Yoav Artzi (office hours: by coordination)
Discussion board: Piazza
Reading system: CMT
Course content: README

This research-oriented course examines methods for recovering language meaning, broadly construed. We will cover various topics in NLP, to be selected in a discussion during the first class. Potential topics include, in no particular order and not limited to: semantic parsing, (neural) machine translation, syntactic parsing, tagging, recurrent and recursive neural networks, situated language understanding, language and vision, language and robotics, structured modeling of narratives, discourse analysis, and embeddings. Each topic discussion will span multiple meetings and will include a technical introduction, presentation of a recent method, and data analysis. The course assumes no background in NLP.