Final project write-up due: May 18th, 11:30am on CMS. (date determined by the registrar)

[These guidelines were adapted directly from those of Lillian Lee and Cristian Danescu-Nikulescu-Mizil for CS6742.]

The main evaluation criteria will be the reasonableness (in approach and amount of effort), thoughtfulness, and creativity of what you tried, as documented in your writeup. Individual effort within team projects will be taken into account; see item 3 below.

  1. Use the ACL 2016 style files (LaTex style and bib files). For those sorry souls who use Word, look at the .pdf file in the .zip file and match that style as much as possible without going crazy.
    1. We make this requirement to simulate submission to ACL 2016. However, note that your final-project submission should have your names and acknowledgments included (see item 1b below).
    2. For the author heading, list only the names of your teammates that are enrolled in the class, even if you had external collaborators. (Reason: only students in the class are submitting the paper for a grade.) But see item 2b below.
  2. Include the following sections:
    1. "content" sections: abstract, introduction/motivation, data description (how you gathered, cleaned, and processed it), methods, an experiments, related work, references, conclusions (what you learned), directions for future work.
      • Make sure that your introduction section explicitly sets out your hypothesis or hypotheses.
      • Throughout, highlight your most interesting findings (positive or negative).
      • For the purposes of CS6740, your related-work section does not need to be exhaustive; you may cover just a few most-related papers.
    2. An "acknowledgments" section: give the name and state the contribution of those who you received significant help from. (This will include people who worked on the project that are not enrolled in CS6740 and may or may not include your advisor(s), your instructor, fellow students in the class).
  3. Projects done collaboratively must also include a section describing who did what. External collaborators should be included in this enumeration.
  4. Use the number of pages you feel is appropriate.