CS 6702 Topics in Computational Sustainability
Spring 2010

List of Projects


     Equilibrium Models For Evaluating Environmental Policies, Joel Landry.

     Optimal Wildfire Planning against a Stochastic Objective, Gwen Spencer.

     Energy storage in a network: Individual decisions and social optimality, Alberto J. Lamadrid and Ronan Le Bras.

     Replicating, Updating and Extending the Simulation Model to Assess Mitigation-Adaptation Scenarios for Reducing Catastrophic Climate Risk, Huimei Delgado, Tipaluck Krityakierne, and Julia Berazneva.

     Human-Built Systems - Energy Efficiency of Computing Resources, Kevin Tang.

     Wind Power, Megha Basu, and Santosh Golecha Manoharmal.

     The Perfect House, Tyler Brodie, Santiago Naranjo Palacio.

     Zone Decomposition of the RC Network of Building Thermal Model,  Ongun Yavrucu, Ozgur Yonter.

     Identification and Classification of Avian Flight Calls, Samuel Henry.

     Management of Invasive Species: Gipsy Moth, Xi Yang.

     Mapping and Modeling Land-Use Climate Mitigation Opportunities in Africa, Samuel Bell.

     Fishery Management, Stefano Ermon

      Educational Video Game for Teaching Sustainibility and Computer Science Techniques, Adedamola Omotosho.

      Rethinking the accumulated least cost path calculation for the conservation of Louisiana black bear habitat, Tal Barak, Ryan Finseth.

     Johnes Disease and   Influenza Pandemics, M. Teose, K. Ahmadizadeh, A. Prakash.

     Quantifying the benefits realized from implementation of a Real Time Pricing scheme in small, closed communities (like Cornell University), Disha Patel.

     Wildlife Reserve Site Selection, Rachel Ferst.

   Automatic Agricultural Biotechnology Patent Classification Using Parametric Machine Learning Techniques, Yunsong Guo and Yan Zhao.

     Oil and Sustainability from a Macroeconomic Perspective, Esther Washburn.

     Sustainable Cities (paper), Nicole Inci.