CS 6702 – Topics in Computational Sustainability
Spring 2010

List of Reaction Papers


·       Optimization in HIV Resource Allocation, Kiyan Ahmadizadeh

·        Design Wildlife Corridors in GIS Systems using Least Cost Path, Tal Barak

·        Mapping and Modeling Land-Use Climate Mitigation Opportunities in Africa, Samuel Bell

·        Estimating the Economic Impact of Climate Change: Reaction to William Nordhaus’ Approach in the DICE Model,  Julia Beranzneva

·        Optimizing Renewable Energy Systems with Genetic Algorithms: A Reaction, Tyler Brodie

·        Assessing the Impacts of Abrupt Climate Change, Huimei Delgado

·        On the management of fisheries, Stefano Ermon

·        Wildlife Reserve Site Selection, Rachel Ferst

·        Stochastic model for cost-effective recovery of an endangered species: a review of related work, Ryan Finseth

·        Automatic Agricultural Biotechnology Patent Classification Using Parametric Machine Learning Techniques, Yunsong Guo

·        Estimation of Nocturnal Bird Migration, Sam Henry

·        Mobile Tools and Environmentally Sustainable Behaviors, Nicole Inci

·        DICE MODEL Extension, Adaption, Limitations, and Flaws: Background and an Annotated Biography, Tipaluck Krityakierne

·        Energy storage and transportation, Alberto Lamadrid

·        Material Discovery, Ronan LeBras

·        The Grizzly Bear Problem, Santosh Golecha Manoharmal

·        Building Technology using Genetic Algorithms, Santiago Naranjo Palacio

·        Seed Paper: “The Long-Run Effects of Real-Time Electricity Pricing” – Severin Borenstein, Disha Patel

·        Optimal Strategies of Vaccination for Pandemic Influenza, Ananth Prakash

·        Planning around Wildfire Mitigation, Gwen Spencer

·        Human-Built Systems – Energy Efficiency of Computing Resources, Kevin Tang

·        Agent-Based Models, Maarika Teose

·        A Promising Method in Conduction Transfer Function (CTF) Method, Ongun Yavrucu

·        Topics in Computational Sustainability Reaction Paper, Ozgur Yonter

·        Joel Landry

·        Xi Yang