CS/INFO 6702 Topics in Computational Sustainability


Computer Science and Information Science

Spring 2010

Cornell University


Instructor: Carla Gomes


Faculty Team: Jon Conrad,  Steve Ellner, Carla Gomes, and  Mary Lou Zeeman


Teaching Assistants: Bistra Dilkina and Georgios Piliouras


Web page: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/Courses/cs6702/2010sp/



Suggested Readings


·        Human-Built Systems and Land Use


o   Agriculture


Response of crop yields and soil N to diversified rotations: A meta-analysis.

Tonitto, C., M. David & L.E. Drinkwater.

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 2006.


Agroecosystems, Nitrogen-Use Efficiency, and Nitrogen Management 

Kenneth G. Cassman, Achim Dobermann and Daniel T. Walters

Ambio, Vol. 31, No. 2, Optimizing Nitrogen Management in Food and Energy Productions, and Environmental Change (Mar., 2002), pp. 132-140 link


    • Life Cycle Analysis

      The Computational Structure of Life Cycle Assessment. R. Heijungs, Sangwon Suh.  Series Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science, vol. 11,
      Springer, 2002.

      Improving Life Cycle Assessment by Including Spatial, Dynamic and Place-Based Modeling. J. Reap, P.J. Newcomb, C. Carmichael, B. Bras
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A Survey of Unresolved Problems in Life Cycle Assessment. Part 2: Impact Assessment and Interpretation. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment
J. Reap, F. Roman, S. Duncan, B. Bras..13(5):374-388, 2008.



o   Sustainable Cities


Sustainable urban design: an environmental approach link

by Randal Thomas



Some Computer Science Issues in Creating a Sustainable World

Mankoff, J., Kravets, R., Blevis, E.

IEEE Computer Magazine 41(8) 2008 link



o   Energy efficiency - Sustainable Management of Data Centers

A Case For Adaptive Datacenters To Conserve Energy and Improve Reliability.  Bodik, B., M.P. Armbrust, K. Canini, A. Fox, M. Jordan, and D.A..Patterson.  2008.  Technical Report No. UCB/EECS-2008-127.EECS Department, University of California, Berkeley.

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Tech Titans Building Boom. Katz, R.H.  2009.   IEEE Spectrum Online.
Available online at http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/feb09/7327.

·        Background Info on the State of the Planet


·        Natural Resource Protection


·        Economics and Human Behavior


·        Energy Resources


·        Books