CS 6700: Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2013

Bart Selman

"The design of systems that are among top 10 performers in the world (human, computer, or hybrid human-computer)."


Lecture Slides

  1. Organization and Overview

  2. Introduction (part 1)

  3. Introduction (part 2)

Discussion Topics

  1. 02/27 --- Watson (intro) (The Robot Will See You Now.) (effectiveness of data)
    Presented by Pradeep Gopinathan, Vera Kutsenko, and Joseph Staehle. Presentation

  2. 03/06 --- Human Computation (addl.)
    Presented by Jiwei Li, Ratish Malhotra, and Paul Munn. Presentation
    Try it out here. Windows and Mac (quick install).

  3. 03/13 --- Dr. Fill and Proverb
    Presented by Daniel Schroeder, Reyna Zhang, and Jiaqi Zhai.

  4. 03/27 --- Deep Learning (intro)
    Presented by Benjamin Jaeger, Ryan Kass, and Xiaoting Zhao.

  5. 04/03 --- Self Driving Cars
    Presented by Stravos Nikolaou, Isaac Sheff, Sidharth Telang, and Zhiyuan Teo.

  6. 04/10 --- Games Solved (intro) and Cracking Go (intro 1) (intro 2)
    Presented by Crystal Cheung, Danfeng Zhang, and Tao Zou.

  7. 04/17 --- Can Machines Be Creative? (intro)
    Presented by Declan Boyd, Haoyan Geng, and Ji-Yong Shin,

  8. 04/24 --- AI: Science or Engineering? (Chomsky vs. Norvig) (Chomsky on AI) (Norvig on Chomsky and statistical ML) (Chomsky on data-intensive methods; new kind of "science?"; transcript)
    Presented by Owen Arden, Bailu Ding, and Qin Jia.

  9. 05/01 --- The Human Brain Project (addl. 1) (addl. 2) (addl. 3)
    Presented by Nabil Imam, Raghu Rajkumar, and Zachary Zeno.