Date Topic Reading Deliverables
26 Aug, 2021 (Thu) Overview of class and CV research
31 Aug, 2021 (Tue) Designing a recognition problem: Ethics and goals, Problem specification, Appropriateness of ML, Concerns around data Machine learning that matters, AI and the Everything in the Whole Wide World Benchmark
02 Sep, 2021 (Thu) Image classification - I: Historical perspective, Task specification, Intro to ML, Backpropagation
07 Sep, 2021 (Tue) Image classification - II: ML, Neural networks and backprop, Network architectures Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition, Densely Connected Convolutional Networks
09 Sep, 2021 (Thu) Image classification - III: Transfer learning, computational complexity, models
14 Sep, 2021 (Tue) Object Detection - I: Historical perspective, Task specification, Benchmarks, Metrics, Technical and Ethical challenges The PASCAL Visual Objects Challenge, Does Object Recognition Work for Everyone?
16 Sep, 2021 (Thu) Object Detection - II: Model architectures Decide on a project and fill spreadsheet
21 Sep, 2021 (Tue) Segmentation - I: Semantic segmentation, Instance segmentation, Panoptic segmentation, Technical challenges U-Net: Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation, Mask R-CNN
23 Sep, 2021 (Thu) Segmentation - II: Network architectures
28 Sep, 2021 (Tue) Structured Prediction Autocontext and Its Application to High-level Vision Tasks
30 Sep, 2021 (Thu) Pose estimation Submit Project Proposal
05 Oct, 2021 (Tue) The Data challenge A Simple Framework for the Contrastive Learning of Visual Representations
07 Oct, 2021 (Thu) Cancelled
14 Oct, 2021 (Thu) Image formation Geometry
19 Oct, 2021 (Tue) Image Formation Physics
21 Oct, 2021 (Thu) Basics of 3D reconstruction
26 Oct, 2021 (Tue) Stereo
28 Oct, 2021 (Thu) Epipolar Geometry
02 Nov, 2021 (Tue) Structure-from-Motion: RANSAC, Correspondence, SfM pipelines
04 Nov, 2021 (Thu) Learning and 3D reconstruction Learning Feature Descriptors using Camera Pose Supervision
09 Nov, 2021 (Tue) Shape representations + Introduction to embodied vision Submit Extended Abstract
11 Nov, 2021 (Thu) Embodied vision - II: Vision and Control How to Train Your Robot with Deep Reinforcement Learning - Lessons We've Learned
16 Nov, 2021 (Tue) Embodied vision - III: Vision and Language Women also Snowboard: Overcoming Bias in Captioning Models
18 Nov, 2021 (Thu) Videos - I
23 Nov, 2021 (Tue) Videos - II + Generation Submit reviews
30 Nov, 2021 (Tue) Generative modeling
02 Dec, 2021 (Thu) Interpretability
07 Dec, 2021 (Tue) TBD Submit 3 minute recorded presentation