Lectures / Notes:

Below is the (tentative) list of classes, with possible additional readings. These may change as the semester progresses.
Date Topic Deliverables Readings Additional papers/reading
8/29/19 Introduction
9/3/19 Image formation - geometry
Szeliski 2.1
9/5/19 Image formation - color
[pptx | pdf]
Szeliski 2.2
9/10/19 Basic image processing
[pptx | pdf]
Szeliski 3.1-3.5, 4.2-4.3, SIRFS
9/12/19 Grouping
[pptx | pdf]
Normalized cuts Discussion questions Random forest-based
Neural network-based
9/17/19 Reconstruction 1
[pptx | pdf]
9/19/19 Reconstruction 2
[pptx | pdf]
Project proposal due A taxonomy and evaluation of dense two-frame stereo correspondence algorithms
Discussion questions (Submit on CMS!)
9/24/19 Reconstruction 3
[pptx | pdf]
9/26/19 Correspondence
[ pptx | pdf]
Discussion questions (Submit on CMS)
10/1/19 Optical Flow
[pptx | pdf]
High accuracy optical flow estimation based on a theory of warping
10/3/19 Intro to ML | Neural Networks 1[pptx | pdf] LeCun '98 (Till Section IV)Discussion questions (Submit on CMS!)
10/8/19 Neural networks 2 | Transfer learning[pptx | pdf] Do better imagenet models transfer better?
Residual adapters
10/10/19 Neural networks 3 | Learning under resource constraints
[pptx | pdf]
Residual networks
Discussion questions (Submit on CMS!)
Mobile Net v2
10/15/19 No class - Fall break
10/17/19 Semantic segmentation
[pptx | pdf]
Project check-in (updated project proposal) U-net
Discussion questions (Submit on CMS!)
Deeplab v3
10/22/19 Structured prediction [pdf]
10/24/19 Graphical models for refinement
[pptx | pdf]
Discussion questions (Submit on CMS!)
Inference machines
10/29/19 Object detection
[pptx | pdf]
10/31/19 Instance segmentation
[pptx | pdf]
Mask R-CNN
Discussion questions (Submit on CMS!)
11/5/19 Pose estimation
[ pptx | pdf]
Convolutional Pose estimation, Associative embedding
11/7/19 Learning 3D
[pptx | pdf]
Discussion questions (submit on CMS by Tuesday!)
11/12/19 Sequences I: Videos
[pptx | pdf
11/14/19 Sequences II: Vision and language
11/19/19 Embodied cognition Target-driven Visual Navigation in Indoor Scenes using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Disccussion questions
11/21/19 Generative modeling
11/26/19 Learning without supervision Preliminary project report (Template)
11/28/19 No class - Thanksgiving
12/3/19 Bias and ethics student presentations, project reviews Women also snowboard
12/5/19 Student presentations / Q&A
12/10/19 student presentations / Q&A
12/19/19 final report, assignment due