All lecture dates and due dates are tentative and subject to change.

Later in the semester students will be presenting papers, in pairs, two papers in one lecture meeting. Here is a list of papers to choose from, with some date constraints.

date topic reference reading hw proj
24Jan Introduction | History slides
26Jan Radiometry notes Preisendorfer 1976 hw0
31Jan Radiometry
2Feb Direct illumination & BRDF notes | slides
7Feb Direct illumination & BRDF hw1
9Feb Monte Carlo integration Feller 1968 and 1971
14Feb Microfacet BRDF models slides Walter et al. 2007
16Feb Sampling illumination slides
21Feb Sampling illumination | Multiple importance sampling slides | notes Veach & Guibas 1995 hw2
23Feb Path Tracing
28Feb Rendering Equation Kajiya 1986, Arvo 1995, Veach 1997
1Mar Radiative Transfer notes
6Mar Radiative Transfer
8Mar Volume path tracing notes
13Mar Diffusion notes
15Mar BSSRDF models proj1
20Mar —Spring Break—
22Mar —Spring Break—
27Mar BSSRDF Models slides Jensen et al 2001, Arbree 2009, Jakob et al. 2010
29Mar Path Integral Formulation
3Apr —no class— hw3
5Apr Sunling Yang and Tim Langlois
Chun-Po Wang and Pramook Khungurn
d'Eon et al 2007
Bruneton & Neyret 2012
10Apr Asher Dunn and Nicolas Savva
Path Integral Formulation
Premoze et al 2004
12Apr Albert Liu and Alessandro Farsi
Zhiyuan Teo and Sean Bell
Ramamoorthi & Hanrahan 2001
Wang et al. 2008
17Apr Daniel Joerimann and Jordan Robinson
Bidirectional Path Tracing
Crassin et al. 2009
Veach 1997
19Apr Devansh Gupta and Jin Hyuk Cho
Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Walter et al. 2009
Liu 2001, pp. 105-114
24Apr Ian Lenz and Theodore Ni
MCMC light transport
slides | demo
Havran 2005
26Apr Ivaylo Boyadzhiev and Kevin Matzen
Brian Phlipot and Sean Ryan
Keller 1997
Walter 2009
1May Refraction, reflection, and caustics
3May Jeffrey Ames and David Thomason
Song Cao and Yue Gao
11May Final project presentations finalproj