This schedule of topics is subject to change as the semester progresses. Before each class, each student must read the assigned reading for that lecture and, for readings marked with an asterisk, send me an email with a brief summary and two questions about the content. The lecture notes will be posted just before or shortly after lecture, and are intended as a reference after the fact.

The readings are listed in the bibliography with enough data to find them in the library or with Google Scholar. If you are a current student in the course you can follow the links to download PDF files from CMS.

Crossed out classes are cancelled due to instructor travel. Dates in orange are make-up classes that have been rescheduled on Fridays at 10:10–11:25.

datetopic readingreferencehw
27AugIntro slides | notes  
1SepRadiometry *Preisendorfer 1976slides | notes  
3SepRadiometry slides | notes hw1
8SepRadiative Transport slides | notes  
10SepRadiative Transport Glassner 1995aslides | notes  
15SepRadiative Transport slides | notes  
17SepMonte Carlo slides | notes hw2
22SepMonte Carlo | Volume ray tracing slides | notes  
24SepVolume ray tracing slides | notes  
29SepVolume ray tracing slides | notes  
1OctHomeworks 1–2 slides | notes hw3
6Oct slides | notes  
8Oct slides | notes  
13Oct—Fall break— slides | notes  
15OctHomework 3 details slides | notes  
20OctGlobal illumination and multiple scattering slides | notes  
22OctVolume visualization *[Levoy 88]; *[Drebin et al. 88]slides | notes  
27OctVolume visualization *[Ikits et al. 04]slides | notes  
29OctDiffusion Approximation slides | notes  
3NovManolis Savva [Kniss et al. 2003] *[Wyman et al. 2006]slides | notes  
5Nov slides | notes  
10NovTim Condon *[Crassin et al. 2009]slides | notes  
12NovShuang Zhao *[Jensen et al. 01]; *[Jensen & Buhler 02]slides | notes  
13NovDiffusion Approximation [Arbree 09]; [Ishimaru 78]slides | notes  
17NovWilliam Chou *[d'Eon et al. 07]slides | notes  
19NovDaniel Hauagge [Bouthors et al. 08] or [Premoze et al. 04]slides | notes hw4
20NovManuel Vargas Escalante *[Goesele et al. 04]slides | notes  
24NovTeruhisa Haruguchi *[Xu et al. 01]slides | notes  
26Nov—Thanksgiving— slides | notes  
1DecKan Li [Jensen 96]; *[Jensen & Christensen 98]slides | notes  
3DecMicrofacet models *[Walter et al. 07] [Blinn 1977] [Smith 1967] [Brown 1980]slides | notes  
4DecMatte surface models [Oren & Nayar 95] [van Ginneken et al. 98] [Koenderink et al. 99]slides | notes  
21DecFinal Project Presentations slides | notes  

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