Week Day Date Theme Topic Extra Readings
1 Thurs Jan 25 Introduction
2 Tue Jan 30 Bitcoin (paper)
Thu Feb 1 Selfish Mining (paper)
3 Tue Feb 6 Ethereum (paper)
Thu Feb 8 Gnosis (paper)
4 Tue Feb 13
Thu Feb 15
5 Tue Feb 20 February Break
Thu Feb 22 Shelling Coin (writeup); Town Crier (paper)
6 Tue Feb 27
Thu Mar 1
7 Tue Mar 6 Scalability Bitcoin-NG (paper) ByzCoin (paper)
Thu Mar 8 Sidechains (whitepaper); Aspen (paper)
8 Tue Mar 13 Duplex Payment Channels (paper); Lightning Network(whitepaper)
Thu Mar 15 Teechan (paper) TeeChain (preprint)
9 Tue Mar 20 BFT Protocols Byzantine Generals (paper)
Thu Mar 22 Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (paper); FLP Result (paper)
10 Tue Mar 27 Ripple (whitepaper); Stellar (whitepaper)
Thu Mar 29 Hashgraph (whitepaper); IOTA (whitepaper)
11 Tue Apr 3 Spring Break
Thu Apr 5 Spring Break
12 Tue Apr 10 Decentralized Exchanges 0x Decentralized Exchange (whitepaper) GasToken (website)
Thu Apr 12 Privacy and Fungibility CoinJoin (blog post); CoinShuffle (paper); TumbleBit (paper)
13 Tue Apr 17 ZCash (paper); Monero (whitepaper); Dash (whitepaper)
Thu Apr 19 Potpourri DAO Hack; Call for a Moratorium (whitepaper)
14 Tue Apr 24 Governance Tezos (whitepaper)
Thu Apr 26
15 Tue May 1 Regulation Book-Smart, Not Street-Smart: Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts and The Social Workings of Law (paper)
Thu May 3 Measurement Decentralization in Bitcoin and Ethereum Networks(paper)
16 Tue May 8 Future Directions Enabling Strong Database Integrity using Trusted Execution Environments(paper)