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CS 6464: Spring 2009

Advanced Distributed Storage Systems

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  Diamond: One File System, Multiple Devices

Diamond is a read/write higly available and partition-tolerant file system. It allows a user to edit a the file system at the same time, from many devices. Diamond consists of a set of logs, one for each device, which is stored on a trusted online backend, accessible through a simple put/get interface. This allows end-user to easily switch to another storage provider. Each device appends to its own log to modify the file system and reads from all the logs to find data. Diamond presents data through a conventionnal file system interface. End-users can mount either a read-write version of the device current file system version or read-only mount a previous version viewed by any device. This allows the end-user to access all the file versions may they be from the past or another device and to modify its current version.

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