Lecture Plan

(01/23) Lecture 1: Course Overview and Computer Networking Review
Grand Challenges in Networking? Forty Data Communications Research Questions
Readings: A Brief History of the Internet, You and Your Research, How to read papers
Recommended readings: As We May Think, On Distributed Communication Networks, Why the Internet Only Just Works, Efficient reading

The Internet: Architectural Principles, Congestion Control, Forwarding, Routing, Reliability and Security.

(01/25) Lecture 2: Design Philosophy
Readings: The Design Philosophy of the DARPA Internet Protocols
Recommended readings:
(01/30) Lecture 3: Architectural Principles
Readings: End-to-End Arguments in System Design
Recommended readings: Tussle in Cyberspace: Defining Tomorrow's Internet, Active Networks, ActiveE2E
(02/01) Lecture 4: TCP/IP Architecture
Readings: A protocol for packet network intercommunication
Recommended readings: Modeling TCP Throughput, Multipath TCP
(02/06) Lecture 5: Congestion Control
Required readings: Congestion Avoidance and Control, Analysis of the Increase and Decrease Algorithms
Recommended readings: Macroscopic Behavior, Congestion Control in IP/TCP Internetworks
(02/08) Lecture 6: In-network Congestion Control
Readings: Why flow-completion time is the right metric
Recommended readings: Flow Rate Fairness: Dismantling a Religion, Fair Queueing, Congestion Control for High Bandwidth-Delay Product Networks
(02/13) Lecture 7: Router Architecture
Readings: 50-Gb/s IP Router, Tag Switching Architecture Overview
Recommended readings: RouteBricks, PacketShader
(02/15) Lecture 8: Routing and Traffic Engineering
Readings: BGP routing policies in ISP networks, TeXCP
Recommended readings: Pathlet Routing, Seattle,Anatomy of a Large European IXP, InterTubes, 10 Lessons from 10 Years, Internet Traffic Engineering by Optimizing OSPF Weights
(02/20) Lecture 9: Reliability
Readings: End-to-End Routing Behavior in the Internet
Recommended readings: Internet Routing Instability, Stable Paths Problem, Selfish routing in Internet-like environments, Selfish routing, The End-to-End Effects of Internet Path Selection, Failure-Carrying Packets, End-to-end Effects, Consensus Routing, Slick Packets, SafeGuard, R-BGP
(02/22) Lecture 10: Security
Readings: Survey of BGP Security
Recommended readings: How Secure are Secure Interdomain Routing Protocols?, Prefix Hijacking and Interception, Pretty Good BGP, Listen and Whisper, Let the Market Drive Deployment: A Strategy for Transitioning to BGP Security, N-BGP
(02/27) February Break -- No Class
(03/01) Lecture 11: The Internet: Topology and Traffic Characteristics
Readings: Understanding the Internet's router-level topology, Wide-Area Internet Traffic Patterns and Characteristics
Recommended readings: Measuring ISP topologies with rocketfuel, On Power-Law Relationships of the Internet Topology, Internet Traffic Classification Using Bayesian Analysis Techniques
(03/06) Mid-term Project Presentations

Software-Defined Networks: Solving some of the above problems by clean separation between data plane and control plane.

(03/08) Lecture 12: Software-Defined Networks
Readings: Routing Control Platform, A clean slate 4D approach to network control and management
Recommended readings: Fabric: A Retrospective on Evolving SDN, The Future of Networking and the Past of Protocols, iSDX, NOX
(03/13) Lecture 13: SDN Data Plane
Readings: OpenFlow, P4
Recommended readings: Barefoot P4 Overview
(03/15) Lecture 14: SDN Control Abstractions
Readings: Frenetic (Survey version)
Recommended readings: PGA, Abstractions for Network Updates

From The Internet to Datacenters: How new applications and workloads lead to new problems and solutions in network fabric design!

(03/20) Lecture 15: Datacenter Architecture and Workloads
Readings: Jupiter Rising, Network Traffic Characteristics
Recommended readings: FatTree, VL2, BCube, Jellyfish, Small world Datacenters, Network Characteristics 2, Network Characteristics 3
(03/22) Lecture 16: Datacenter Congestion Control
Readings: DCTCP, Universal Packet Scheduling
Recommended readings: pFabric, pHost, PCC, D3, PDQ, Improving Datacenter Performance and Robustness with Multipath TCP
(03/27) Lecture 17: Datacenter Forwarding, Routing and Reliability
Readings: MicroTE, Network Failures in Data Centers
Recommended readings: Packet Transactions
(03/29) Lecture 18: Datacenter Network Management
Readings: FlowRadar, PathDump
Recommended readings: Network Virtualization in Multi-tenant Datacenters, OpenSketch, UnivMon, Pingmesh, Anteater, Header Space Analysis, VeriFlow, NetSight, Trumpet
(04/03) Spring Break -- No Class
(04/05) Spring Break -- No Class

Emerging Topics in the Internet and datacenters: From new architectures to new applications to new hardware!

(04/10) Lecture 19: Software-Defined WAN
Readings: B4: Experience with a Globally-Deployed Software Defined WAN
Recommended readings: SWAN, Ethane, SoftRAN
(04/12) Lecture 20: New Networking Abstractions
Readings: Coflows, Sincronia
Recommended readings: i3, Orchestra, Varys, Aalo, Baraat
(04/17) Lecture 21: Datacenter Optics
Readings: Integrating Microsecond Circuit Switching into the Data Center
Recommended readings: RotorNet, c-Through, Helios, OSA
(04/19) Lecture 22: Resource Disaggregation
Readings: Network Requirements
Recommended readings: Shoal, R2C2, XFabric
(04/24) Lecture 23: RDMA
Readings: DCQCN, Timely
Recommended readings: RDMA over Commodity Ethernet
(05/01) Lecture 24: Future Network Architectures
Readings: Future Internet architecture: Clean-slate vs. evolutionary research
Recommended readings: Networking Named Content, HTTP as the Narrow Waist, Balancing accountability and privacy in the network
(05/03) Lecture 25: Future Network Architectures
Readings: Future Internet architecture: Clean-slate vs. evolutionary research
Recommended readings: Networking Named Content, HTTP as the Narrow Waist, Balancing accountability and privacy in the network
(05/08) Lecture 26: Final Project Presentations