This project is generously supported by Fractus . There is a single account that is shared among all the CS6410 students. The approach to much of the set-up is based on this fact.

Note: Fractus is behind the firewall of the CS Department. You need to use the Cisco VPN to access the machines. After installation, to connect ensure the following settings:

Academic Integrity applies to all aspects of this course. Because we will all be sharing a single Fractus account, it will be possible (with some effort) for students to decrypt and read one another's Fractus machine image files, or to steal one another's static content files. This is not fundamentally different from the bad old days when CS programming projects were done on a batch computing system and printouts were delivered in sorted piles in public terminal rooms. The University's Academic Integrity Policy applies to everything we put into Fractus, and you are expected to follow this policy scrupulously.


Also as a consequence of sharing a single account, the instructions are not going to be comprehensive. Meaning, a student would have to take many additional steps to be able to stand up a Fractus cluster with this infrastructure. However, this process will give students familiarity with some parts of the process. Therefore, we will need to modify some of the procedures from the documentation so different students' projects will not interfere with one another. Our conventions are defined as follows: