CS6410 (formerly CS614) Advanced Systems

Course URL:   http://www.cs.cornell.edu/Courses/CS6410/2008FA/

Class Meetings: Attendance is required.

10:10 - 11:25 Tuesday and Thursday Upson 111.

No class will be held on Sept 30 (Tuesday) and October 9 (Thursday) in observation of the Jewish High Holidays. Make-up classes will be scheduled.

Professor Fred B. Schneider   (255-9221)   4115C Upson Hall

Office hours: Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Feel free to drop by without an appointment. If I am otherwise engaged, we can at least agree on a time to meet.

email: fbs@cs.cornell.edu.  

Other Staff:
Kevin Walsh (kwalsh@cs.cornell.edu)   5138 Upson Hall

Prerequisites. The course is open to any graduate student who has mastered the material in CS3410 (CS314) or CS3420 (ECE 3140), and also CS4410 (CS414). Undergraduates must receive permission of the instructor to enroll---attend the first class and meet with the instructor immediately afterwards.

Course Overview. This is a graduate-level reading course that covers classic and recent papers in operating systems and distributed systems. Students will:

Consult the detailed list for a list of topics and URL's for the reading you are expected to do prior to each class meeting. This page will be updated with specifics, as the semester progresses.

Expectations of Participants.

Note: Auditors in CS6410 are not expected to submit the tutorial and writing the informal specification. But auditors are expected to lead one or more class sessions, just like the students who are enrolled in the course for credit.

Grading. Final course grades will be computed as follows:

How to Prepare and Lead a Presentation.