CS6320 – Advanced Database Systems



Course Description

Management and processing of large datasets is an area with many practical problems, elegant systems abstractions, and interesting algorithms. In this course, we will explore the beauty of some foundational and recent work in this area which intersects systems, algorithms, and programming languages.


Course Schedule

August 26: Introduction to the course

August 30: The relational model, relational algebra, and normalization

September 1: Query optimization and query processing

September 6: Selectivity estimation

Background Readings

As we are starting to discuss more database internals over the next weeks, please read the following paper as background reading (do not be scared by its length; it is easy to read):

September 8: Concurrency control

September 13: Recovery I (Presenter: Amit Sharma)

September 15: Main-Memory Database Systems (Presenter: Ji-Yong Shin)

September 20: Recovery II (Presenter: Gabriel Bender)

September 22: Index Structures I (Presenter: Joyce Chen)

September 27: Index Structures II (Presenter: Karthik Raman)

September 29: Decision Support (Presenter: Chenhao Tan)

October 4: Decision Support II (Presenter: Ruben Sipos)

October 6: Online aggregation (Presenter: Adith Swaminathan)

October 11: Fall break, no class.

October 13: Approximate query answering I (Presenter: Edward Lui)

October 18: Approximate query answering II (Presenter: Ashwinkumar B V)

October 20: Approximate Query Anwering III (Presenter: Konstantinos Mamouras)

October 25: Data stream algorithms I (Presenter: Anshumali Shrivastava)

October 27: Data stream algorithms II (Presenter: Lior Seeman)

November 1: Distributed Transaction Management and Replication (Presenter: Elisavet Kozyri)

November 3: Parallel Database Systems (Presenter: Yin Lou)

November 8: Data Provenance (Presenter: Raghavendra Rajkumar)

November 10: Probabilistic database systems (Presenter: Samantha Leung)

November 15: Probabilistic database systems II (Presenter: Wenlei Xie)

November 17: Fagin’s Algorithm (Presenter: Ronan Le Bras)

November 22: Column Stores and Database Cracking (Presenter: Stavros Nikolaou)

November 24: Thanksgiving break, no class.

November 29: Data Mining I (Presenter: Bailu Ding)

December 1: Data Mining II (Presenter: Oren Sigal)