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You are expected to check for new announcements every day.

Dec 22 Course scores are computed on these assumptions: 6 equal assignments count 55%, the midterm counts 15%, and the final counts 30%. Based on that, the median course score is 84/100.

Dec 22 The Take-Home Final is graded. Median = 39/50. Here are solutions: P1 (8.44), P2 (8.68),  P3 (6.14), P4 (6.61), P5 (9.55). Each problem was worth 10 points and the averages are given in parentheses. The exam contributes 30% to your course grade.

Dec 7 The display of Q_33 has a typo. The two alphas in row 5 should be moved up to row 4.

Dec 6 The Take-Home final is ready.

Dec 4 THE IN-CLASS FINAL SCHEDULED FOR DEC 17 IS CANCELLED. There will still be a take-home  final and its weight is doubled to 30% of the course grade. The take-home will be posted in a day or two and will be due on December 17.

Nov 20 Problem 2 in A6 has been slightly modified. Please download the handout for details.

Nov 18 Assignment A6 is ready.

Nov 9 The 4th problem in A5 has been revised. Here is the new handout. And there is a P4 test script here.

Nov 5 Assignment A5 is ready.

Nov 2 The midterms are graded. Here are some notes. And here are the test scripts/solutions: P1, P2, P3. Do not hesitate to ask for more grading comments than what was provided on CMS. The exam contributes to 15% of your course grade, about the same as 1.5 assignments.

Oct 30  A4 is graded.


Oct 26. The Take-Home midterm  is available. It is due Friday, Oct 30, at 6pm.

Oct 12 A3 is graded and A4 is available

Oct 7 The "nnz inequalities" on page 4 need to be slightly revised:

                       nnz(L,-1) <=   nnz( tril(A,-1) ) + np

                       nnz(M,-1) <=  nnz( triu(A,1) ) + nq


Oct 6 Typo in A3 Prob 1. In th espec for HermFactor, the subdiagonal of A is g+i*h, not c+i*e

Oct 1. The finished A3 is available, The due date has been moved from Wednesday Oct 7 to Friday October 9.

Sept 28 A2 Graded and the first half of A3 is available.

Sept 17  missing "L" in 5th displayed equation on page 1. Should be (L+I)x_2 = b_2 - L*(L_21*x_1).  Also, in problem 2, don't confuse the "U" in the Sherman-Morrison-Woodbury formula with the "U" in the LU factorization.

Sept 16 Assignment 2 is ready to go.

Sept 15 The final exam date is fixed: Thursday, December 17, 9-11:30 AM.

Sept 14  A1 is graded and you can see your scores and comments via CMS. Solutions and averages are here. A few remarks with an eye towards subsequent assignments. (1) Include specifications for all functions and subfunctions. (2) You do not have to include code that gracefully handles bad input. Thus, if an input parameter is to be a symmetric matrix, then you do not have to check for that property. (3) Because it disrupts the grading process, your submitted functions should not produce debugging output.

Sept 8 Two comments on A1.First, it should be 6n^3 not 6n^2 in the last paragraph on page 1. Second, there are usually different ways to solve a  given problem.  You will generally get full credit for a working method unless your method requires more work or storage by an order of magnitude or if it is only efficient for a small subset of "nice" inputs.

Sept 4 The final A1 handout and associated m-files are here.

Sept 3. To solve the registration problem once and for all, students who do not submit solutions for A1 at the time it is due will be dropped from the course to make room for those who are being blocked by the registrar. I believe there is plenty of room for all interested students so I fully expect that this "tough guy" approach will not really be an issue!

Sept 3. All students who put their name on the sign-up sheet are now in the CMS system. If you click on the CMS link here then you can proceed to upload your solution files. Note: the most recent upload is what I see. So it would be worth practicing the upload procedure well in advance of the A1 due date just to make sure all is well. If you are not in the CMS system then send me a note with your netID and I will put you in.

Sept 2. Assignment 1 is (mostly) available here. There will be a fourth problem posted after Friday's lecture on Haar wavelets. CMS will be set up in a few days so that you can submit your solution m-files.

August 26. At the first class were 34 students who have registered and 11 students who have not registered. The room holds 41 and that is our limit unless we move to a larger room. (Not easy since MWF 11 is "prime time".) However, given normal drop rates I am confident that everyone will be accommodated. So come to class and my guess is that by Monday all will be fine.