Working on the errata list. Should be completed by 9/6/2002.


Page/Location Correction
56, eqn (2.3.7) The bound should be sqrt(min{m,n}) instead of sqrt(n).
84, Inequality in Thm 2.7.3 Numerator should be 2epsilon not 2delta
95, just before Ex 3.2.1 2(n-k)r not 2(n-1)r
101, 3rd displayed eqn A-tilde should be I_{n-r}
199, L2 in Alg 4.7.3 y(1:n-1) not y(n-1:-1:1)
229,The "else" in Alg 5.2.4 [1 alfa;beta 1] should be transposed.
233,Just before problems Should be Q^{H} not Q^{T} and R is complex, not real.
321, last eqn in proof The "min" should be a "max"
568, last equation Should be b_{sr}I not b_{k}I