Term Projects for CS612

The major component of CS612 had traditionally been the term project. This project is usually done by teams of two students and is designed to give you an idea of what is like to do research in the are of compilers and high-performance computing. Towards this end, you and your partner are expected to complete of  "typical" research activities. These include,

Project Descriptions

You and your partner may choose what you do for your project. Here are a number of ideas that you might find interesting,

  1. Tile Size Selection
  2. Empirical Optimization of Sparse Kernels
  3. Checkpointing and Fault-tolerance with Egida
  4. Template Meta-programming vs. Meta-object programming - [final report]
  5. O'Caml array optimization - [final report]
  6. Meta-Analysis for Code Improving Transformations
  7. Exact Analysis of the Cache Behavior of Nested Loops
  8. Active Memory - Hardware Technique to Improve Spatial Locality
  9. Handling Byzantine Failures Transparently - [final report]
  10. design your own project

Project Deadlines

Presentation Dates

There will be two presentations on each date.

Student Project Pages and Final Reports

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