To install IND on a windows machine you have to:

  1. Download Cygwing from and install it on the machine.
  2. Download the IND package.
  3. Uncompress it using WinZip or other program that can uncompress tgz files.
  4. Move the  cs578.hw1.tar file to c:\cygwin\home\administrator\.
  5. Run cygwin.
  6. Execute "ln -s /bin/tcsh /bin/csh" to create a soft link.
  7. Execute "tar -xvf cs578.hw1.tar" to untar
  8. Delete all files in cs578.hw1/bin ***except*** inddemo.
  9. Follow the instructions form README.install to install IND.
  10. Edit the file "/etc/profile" to put "/home/administrator/cs578.hw1/bin" in your path.
  11. Restart cygwin to get it to recognize the new path.
  12. Go to "/home/administrator/cs578.hw1/ind/IND/Data/thyroid".
  13. Execute "inddemo hypo 100 c4 1 | less".
  14. If it works then you are all set. If it doesn't contact one of the TA's.