Course Schedule 🗓️

The following breakdown is tentative.

1. Robot Operating System

Aug 21

Introduction and Overview

Aug 23

ROS Tutorials

Aug 25

ROS Tutorials and Examples

Aug 28

ROS Tutorials and Examples Continued

HW 1 Release

2. Robot Kinematics

Aug 30

Introduction to Robot Kinematics, Mechanisms, and Rigid-body motion (2D)

Sep 1

Mobile Robot Motion and Constraints

Sep 4

Labor day - No class

Sep 6

Mobile Robot Steering Kinematics

Sep 8

3D Rigid-body motion: Rotation Matrices

Sep 11

3D Rigid-body motion: Rotation Matrices continued, Euler Angles

HW 2.1 Release

Sep 13

3D Rigid-body motion: Axis-Angle and Quaternions

HW 1 Due

Sep 15

3D Rigid-body motion: Properties of Rotations and Homogeneous Transformations

Sep 18

Robot Arms: Configuration space and Task space

Sep 20

DH Parameters

Sep 22

DH Parameters continued

HW 2.2 Release

Sep 25

DH Parameters and Forward Kinematics

Sep 27

Forward Kinematics continued

HW 2.1 Due

Sep 30

Inverse Kinematics

Oct 2

Inverse Kinematics continued

3. State Estimation

Oct 4

Introduction to State Estimation and Probability Fundamentals

HW 2.2 Due

Oct 6

Bayesian Filtering

Oct 9

Fall break + Indigenous People’s Day - No class

Oct 11

Kalman Filtering

HW 3.1 Release

Oct 13

Kalman Filtering continued

Oct 16

Particle Filtering

HW 3.2 Release

Oct 18

Particle Filtering continued

4. Motion Planning

Oct 20

Introduction to Planning

Oct 23

Graph-based Methods

Oct 25

Graph-based Methods continued

Oct 27

Sampling-based Motion planning

HW 4 Release

Oct 30

Sampling-based Motion planning continued

5. Controls

Nov 1

Introduction to Feedback Control

HW 3 Due

Nov 3

Restorative Day - No class

Nov 6

Classical Control: PID

Nov 8

PID Continued

Nov 10

Pure Pursuit Control

Nov 13

Stability of Control Systems

Nov 15

State-Space Representation

HW 4 Due

Nov 17

Model Predictive Control (MPC)

HW 5 and Final Project Release

Nov 20

Optimal Control: Linear-Quadratic Regulator (LQR)

Nov 22

Thanksgiving holiday - No class

Nov 24

Thanksgiving holiday - No class

Nov 27

LQR continued

Nov 29

Special Topics: Intro to Assistive Robotics

Dec 1

Special Topics: Building Caregiving Robots

Dec 4

Robotics Lab Tour: EmPRISE Lab

HW5 and Final Project due