Make Video Demonstrations

This is a rough guide to making videos with your simulators.  You can export video directly from your Java application, or perform real-time screen captures using a variety of different software. The first method is the easiest and most versatile and best-suited for noninteractive animations:
Screen capture: Alternately, if your simulator runs at interactive rates, you can use a screen capture program to generate a video. I recommend using the prior method unless you are specifically trying to demonstrate interactive performance. Two screen capture utilities for Windows that I have used are FRAPS (for OpenGL programs), and HypercamThere are many new ones out there now---especially for Mac. Finally, the videos you capture are typically going to be in a vendor-specific video codec format that is not portable, therefore you will want to recompress the video in a more common format (see above) when you make your final video.

Making your final video(s): Finally, you can either submit a number of individual videos, or you can make a single compressed video that contains all of your clips. Please use meaningful names and preferrably title slides so I know what you are showing me. Include documentation if there is any ambiguity.

DLJ, Jan 2009